What is a long term care pharmacy?

Many of you may wonder just what is a long term care pharmacy and why is it different from a retail pharmacy?

Unlike retail pharmacies, which sell a variety of products beyond prescription drugs and other medications, LTC (long term care) pharmacies service residents in situations like nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as LTC patients in more residential environments.

Generally, these pharmacies are not open to the public in a manner similar to retail pharmacies, nor do they offer merchandise other than prescription medications. LTC pharmacies provide cost-effective, efficient solutions for facilities to assure that patients receive appropriate and timely prescription medications. In addition to dispensing prescription medications, the LTC pharmacy staff must be actively involved in clinical and related consultative services and provide technological resources directly related to improved outcomes and reduced waste to patients in skilled nursing centers and other settings.

Further, legal and regulatory requirements imposed on LTC pharmacies are very stringent-including detailed requirements on packaging and labeling medications to reduce potential medications errors. LTC pharmacies play essential part in avoiding adverse medical reactions, improving clinical outcomes and ultimately minimizing unnecessary complications and re-hospitalizations. In fact the job of the LTC pharmacies and the pharmacists they employ continue after a drug is dispensed.

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